- Third Annual Conference of the Botanical Society of Nigeria (BOSON) 1989, UNILAG
Paper Title: Some Economically important Phaseoleae of Southern Nigeria.

Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Biological Conservation (NSBC) 1995 (UYO)
Paper Title:
(1) Taxonoimic studies in the genus Coniogramme in South EasternNigeria
(2) Taxonoimic studies of the macrophyte genus Acrostichum (Adianteceae) .

-NSBC 1997 (Calabar)
Paper Title: Spore morphology in the family Adiantaceae from parts of South Eastern Nigeria.

-NSBC 1999 (Uyo) Foliar Epidermal Studies in the genus Gnetum. Wetlands 2000 (A National workshop)
Paper Title: Ethnobotany of some lesser known wetland plants from Akwa Ibom State.

-The Tropical Environment Forum (TEFO) National Conference 2001
Paper Title: The impact of the urban environment on plantain and banana production in Akwa Ibom State.

-Botanical Society of Nigeria (BOSON) Annual Conference 2004
Paper Title: Chemotaxonomic Studies in the genus Lasianthera

-National Conference of Center for Wetlands and Waste Management Studies, University of Uyo, and Nigerian Society of Biological Conservation (NSBC) 2004
Paper Title: Preliminary studies of plant diversity in IUA Wildlife Sanctuary in Itu, Nigeria.

NABDA / UNU-INRA Special Training Programme on Plant Taxonomy, Systematics & Indigenous Bioresources Management Phase 1(15thNov. – 5th Dec 2004).
NABDA / UNU-INRA Special Training Programme on Plant Taxonomy, Systematics & Indigenous Bioresources Management, Phase 3 (7th -25th August, 2006)
Paper Title: Plant Biodiversity Inventory in the Wetlands of IUA Wildlife Sanctuary.

-15th Annual Conference of The Botanical Society of Nigeria (BOSON) on Botany and Environmental Health 4th-8th April, 2006. Uyo.
Paper Title: Phytochemical Screening and Nutrient, Anti-nutrient Composition of Talinum portulacifolium (Forsk.) Aschers Schweinf.

Workshop on Planning and Writing Grant oriented Proposal. 15th -16th Oct. 2008.
TWOWS Fourth General Assembly and International Conference: Women Scientists in a Changing World. ( 27-30 June, 2010) in Beijing, China.
Paper Title: Ethnobotanical Survey of Indigenous Herbs used by Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) in Akwa Ibom State.

-A 3 days training workshop on use of statistical software in data analysis and documentation by NIFST, between 21st to 23rd September, 2010.
BOSON 2011- 20th annual conference at Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Paper title: Herbs used in paediatric care in parts of Akwa Ibom State.

BOSON 2012- 3RD-7TH June, 2012 held in OAU, Ile-Ife.
Paper Title: Indigenous knowledge documentation of herbal cures for asthma and pile in Akwa Ibom State.

-WOCAST 2012-2ND-6TH October, 2012 by Faculty of Science, University of Uyo.
Paper Title: Indigenous browse plants used for goats in Akwa Ibom State; their phytochemical, mineral, nutrient and anti-nutrient contents.

OWSD 1ST International Conference and Exhibition, Uyo, 2013. 3-6 June, 2013.
Paper Titles:
1) Assessment of the efficacy of some local herbs on ectoparasites of goats
2) Morpho-anatomical studies of Gnetum africanum Welw. and G. buchholzianumEngl.(Gnetaceae) in Nigeria.

-BOSON 2013/2014, UNN- Plants and the Future of our Planet (25th-29th May, 2014)
Paper Title: A Taxonomic Survey of Epiphytes in parts of Akwa Ibom State

-NISEB 2015 15TH Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology, Uyo. May 5-7, 2015
Paper Title: Palynology of Sida in Uyo, Nigeria.

-BOSON 2016 23RD International Conference of the Botanical Society of Nigeria, Lagos. August 16-20,2016
Paper Title; Copropalynology of cow dung in Uyo Municipal

-9th Annual International Conference /Exhibition of the Palynological Association of Nigeria May 21-24
Paper Title: Pollen Morphological Studies of Echinate Convolvulaceae and Malvaceae, a Case Study of Ipomoea L and Sida L.
Paper Title: Pollen Morphology of Common Species of Ipomoea L. in Akwa Ibom State

-6th Conference of the Nigerian Chapter, Society for Conservation Biology- Biodiversity Conservation and National Development 2018
Paper Title: An Inventory of Ferns from Osomba Hills, the Threats and Need for Conservation 

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